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  • Friday, 22nd January, 2021
  • 04:34am



Did you know that you can earn $199 every time you recommend our website design services to other people and they make a purchase on creativeyadley.com as a result of your recommendation?





Yes, it's true.

You’ll earn $199 for every website sale made through your unique affiliate link.





The funny thing is, you are already signed up.


From the minute you became a creativeyadley.com client you have had a referral link in your client area

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That's a shame because you have been sitting on money all this while. But, it's never too late to make a dollar, so we've got you.






You can share your affiliate link on your social media or anywhere else you like in order to direct your visitors to our website.

If a visitor clicks on your link and makes a website purchase on creativeyadley.com, you will get your payment instantly.

Your affiliate link has a 3-month cookie tracking period. This means even if someone clicks your affiliate link but doesn’t buy right away, you’ll still get your commission if they make a purchase within 3 months.





Here Is Where You Can Promote Your Affiliate Link:


  • Blog content and reviews.
  • Product tutorials.
  • YouTube videos.
  • Banner ads.
  • Social media posts.
  • Email marketing messages.
  • Digital products (i.e. eBooks, online courses).


Your possibilities are endless. Why limit yourself?



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