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  • Full Root access
  • Centos & Ubuntu
  • Includes WHM
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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V1 Plan
$ 78
V2 Plan
$ 102
V3 Plan
$ 126
V4 Plan
$ 174


Cloud Hosting Features

Auto Setup

Automatic setup to get you up and running in just minutes!

Always On

4 layered redundancy, cloud servers are almost 100% failproof


Automagically expand your resources as your business grows.

Global Datacentres

Free CDN and multiple datacentres for better geographical distribution & speed.

Advanced Protection

Auto-Updates & advanced DDoS protection to help avoid vulnerabilities

Free Data Migration

Effortlessly have our technicians transfer your website to our cloud platform

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Hosting is a new form of web hosting that has gained great popularity in recent years. The fundamental idea behind Cloud Hosting is ‘Divide and Rule’ – a virtualization layer allows for separation of resources required by the server across instances and/or devices and this connected entity is known as a ‘Cloud’. This design allows Cloud to scale & offers greater protection from isolated device failures.

Very. With Cloud Hosting you will be using the resources of multiple servers. You will be safeguarded from an individually overwhelmed, or damaged, physical server. If a server experiences any hardware issue or gets overloaded with resource requests, our automatic failover process seamlessly switches you to another server.

The major benefit cloud hosting offers over shared hosting is that it allows you to utilize the resources of multiple servers, rather than being limited to a single server. With cloud hosting, you can monitor and allocate additional resources easily, allowing for unlimited expansion and growth. You have total control over your usage, with no surprise.

Our Cloud Hosting Services are optimized for your need, so we recommend that you pick a plan that works best for you. While it is not possible to upgrade or downgrade between plans, you can purchase additional RAM and CPU cores to your current plan

The beauty of having an environment that can expand is that you can upgrade your Cloud server at any time. Consequently, your server has limitless abilities to host as many websites as you would like.

Generally, a standard setup is completed within about 20 minutes and a custom setup within 24 hours. However, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, these times could be as much as double the initial quote.

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