The price includes everything to get you started with your new Ready-Made Website:

✅ FREE SSL Certificate 

✅ FREE Domain (1 year) 

✅ FREE Hosting (1 year)

✅ Professional Support

✅ Website Security Setup 

✅ In-Depth Documentation

✅ Website Setup and  Installation 

Free Elementor Pro Page Builder (valued at $49) 

The $59 DOES NOT INCLUDE the following:

E-Commerce Integration (if a store is not already included in the original website design, an additional fee of $69 is required to add e-commerce capabilities)

Website Customization – You will change your website`s text, colors and images on your own and we will give you adequate documentation to guide you as you customize your website. Should you want us to customize the website for you (changing text/images etc) an additional once-off fee of only $99 is required).

Email Address (to create and host your professional email address e.g an additional fee of only $39/year is required)

Our Ready Made Websites are a perfect all in one solution for anyone who needs a website for their business.  You not only get a  Ready Made Website but a holistic package that includes a professional website,  hosting, domain, security, and support .

Sure. For $39 per year we can provide you with a professional email account such as

You can add the email address option to your cart on checkout.

Yes,  you  will have full access to the backend and front end of the website.

After we are done with the installation and set up of your website, we will email you all the necessary credentials i.e control panel and WordPress admin details. At this point, you will be free to start updating the website content and images!

Secure Payment via Paypal

All Major cards Accepted – No Paypal Account Needed

After you have made your order, and you pass through the checkout process with PayPal. You can pay by credit card or Paypal account.

It’s that simple! 

No, we will not set up the website on your hosting server. However after we are done with installation and setup, you are free to move it at your discretion. 

You can add more pages and introduce new functionality to your website on your own too – it is easy. Our documentation will guide you sufficiently.

However, if you do not like to DIY (do it yourself), a small fee of  $39 will apply for each additional custom page that you would like us to create for you.

For additional functionality beyond what is available on the website, feel free to get in touch with us for a separate estimate.

This Ready-Made Website was built on WordPress. We researched the marketplace and found that WordPress offers amazing versatility in addition to great scalability.

For your domain to remain active, you are required to pay $19 per year for it`s renewal. This has to be done annually. It is important for you to ensure that your domain is renewed annually before you are at risk of losing this valuable asset. This is an International requirement as regulated by ICANN – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. You can read more about ICANN by clicking here.

After the expiry of our one year free hosting offer to you, feel free to look for an alternative hosting provider of your choice or renew your hosting with us for only $99/year 

Absolutely, we will provide support for all the above. Our friendly support team is available 24/7 to solve your query through Email, Whatsapp, Live Chat, and Ticket Support.

You will get a 3gb shared hosting plan plus a choice of a TLD domain like .com, org, .net, .co, .uk, .us, etc

Sorry, the answer would be NO!

After you pay $59, we will only set up the technical aspects of your Ready Made Website. This setup includes Domain Registration, Web Hosting Setup, Website Installation and SSL Certificate.

Customization of colors, images and text requires an additional fee of $99. This option is available at checkout.

How it Works – after paying the $59 we will provide you with documentation that will enable you to customize the website on your own. Should you face any challenges you can contact our support team anytime.

Our team will set up your  website in just 72 hours.  This setup includes Domain Registration, Web Hosting Setup, Website Installation and SSL Certificate.

Upon purchase of the Ready Made Website – our team will provide you with in depth documentation that will guide you with regards to managing your website. Our documentation includes short video tutorials made specifically to help you learn how you can edit/upload content and new photos on your own. 

From the time you submit your content (images, text, logo etc) it will take our team only 72 hours to setup everything on your website. This excludes the initial 72 hours required for the initial technical setup and installation i.e Domain Registration, Web Hosting setup, Website Installation, SSL Certificate.

Please note: we do not do designing during weekends.

At this time we recommend taking advantage of our FREE domains. We find using existing third party domains tedious and time consuming in most instances. Please note that, you will own the domain outright even though we have purchased it on your behalf. Also it is also possible after we have handed the website over to you to have it transferred to your domain of choice.

After you purchase your Ready Made Website for $59, you have two options:

1. DIY (do it yourself) 


2. Get professional help

1. If you decide to DIY (do it yourself), we provide you with very detailed documentation that will help you out with customizing the images, colours and text on your website to match your brand. However – before that – we will set up and install some technical features on the website for you in order make it easy for you to customize.

This setup includes Domain Registration, Web Hosting setup, Website Installation, SSL Certificate.

2. Should you opt to get professional help – for an additional $99 – in addition to the FREE set up and installation – we will change the colours, text and images for you so they match your brand style.


We will gladly install, set up and customize your website for you. Customization is only $99. This option is available as you checkout your Ready Made Website.

After submitting your payment, we expect you to provide us with:

✅ All the text that you want to be on the website. Please submit your text on a document that we can copy and paste from and not as a screenshot/image.

✅ Provide high-resolution photos that you would like us to use to replace the current ones on the website. If you have no high quality photos we can source premium stock photos for you. Low resolution images are very stressful to work with and will definitely degrade the quality of your website. Here is a small picture to illustrate what a low-resolution image looks like:

✅ Provide your logo if you have one (otherwise we’ll just use a simple placeholder for the site)

✅ If you need e-commerce setup on the website please provide us your payment integration information – specifically how you would like to receive payments when people pay for your products/services.

We also kindly ask that you be available to answer any questions that our designers may have for you.

Sure, why not? After the website is live you are entitled to one set of free changes that you can submit via our ticketing system/via email. After we have completed your free set of changes, we will still be open to receiving more changes from you but a separate estimate will be provided.

We see your website as an ever-evolving marketing tool, so we’re happy to answer questions through email, live chat or tickets for any questions that may crop up.


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