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Website Content Management and Technical Support

If you haven’t got the skills, time or a dedicated web team who can manage, your website it can be a real challenge and you run the risk that your website will under-perform. It is easy without professional help to neglect software upgrades, security upgrades, content updates, and more. When you neglect your website it suffers which results in it usually falling down the search engines. We know you don't want that, so, we are here to ensure everything about your website is kept up to date to meet the needs of your business.
Pick the package you desire from options 1, 2, or 3 below and we will invoice you.
ONE TIME - You have the option to pay $197 for a one-time website update, which means you can request as many changes as you need on the website but only once. The $197 is an amount you pay each time you need work done on your website. It works if you need work done once or twice a year because if you need more than 3 updates a year this option may prove to be expensive in the long run because it adds up quickly.
ANNUAL - You can pay $897 upfront and you are covered for one whole year. Just pay $897 and you let us handle everything about your website for a whole year. Unlimited work done monthly on your website. Text updates. Image updates. Product and Blog uploading. Whatever you need. (value for money )
MONTHLY - You pay $97/month, this is a retainer and therefore should be paid every month because you are choosing to have us at your beck and call to work on your website as and when you need us to. If you miss payments you will have to downgrade to one-time payments or upgrade to an annual payment.
Once a month you gather as much work and edits as you need us to do for you, you pop it on the content submission form, pick a date and submit. That is all. There is no limit to the changes you can submit but for us to accommodate everyone you have to stick to one submission per month since you now don’t have a limit on the number of edits you can request. That is all. You can submit as many changes as you want to be done on your website but, it just has to be one submission a month.
Please remember that our management service is for updating the current and existing information, features, and pages on your website. New pages and functionality will be invoiced separately.

Changing Your Logo

Text Alterations

Updating Images

Embedding Videos

Adding Awards

Adding Testimonials

Plugin/Code Updates

Updating FAQs

Updating your T&Cs

Fix Broken Links

Adding blog posts that you send us

Website Security and Backup

Website Speed Optimization

Database Cleaning

Adding as many E-Commerce products as you need.
So whenever you need changes done on your website we will do them for you on the slot you will book once a month and this is valid until your renewal date.
N.B Altering the structure of the website, additional pages, and additional functionality will be invoiced separately. So if you decide you need a hand with your website, we are here to help. That is all.

  • Our website management (should you want to know more) works this way
  • What you can request as part of your monthly management