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If you would like to launch an extraordinary Social Media Marketing website or you would just like to build one for your content marketing or social media marketing agency, then look no further! We have made this Ready-Made Website especially for you!

Its fun animations and a wide variety of beautifully styled presentational elements will let you showcase in-depth what your business is about.

Allow your customers to get immersed in your content with full-screen images, parallax video backgrounds, elegant typography, and animations.

Blog Enabled

Blog Enabled

With this website`s fully configured Blog system and Facebook commenting system, you can now bring in more conversation to your website to make it socially active and interesting. Also with its social network sharing capabilities, your blog posts can be shared on various social networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

This website is already fully designed and ready to launch. You simply need to replace the dummy text/information on the website with your business service/product information. Adding your own logo and information will make the website unique to you and your brand. That’s it – you are good to go! You can even change the colors and images using the documentation that we will provide you with when we complete setting up your website domain and hosting.

Hate the idea of DIY? If you would like us to add your business logo and service/product information so that the website is unique to you and your brand, we would be very happy to do so for an extra fee. Just add the customization option on checkout. 

What are you waiting for? Grab this beauty now before the price goes up again in a few hours.

Elementor Pro

Free Licence For Life

Free Domain & Hosting

For One Full Year

Free Setup

Free Setup & Installation


Short & Easy Tutorials

Quality Support

Fast & Knowledgeable

SSL Certificate

Free for Life

The Number 1 WordPress Page Builder

This website was built using Elementor, which in our opinion, is the best WordPress page builder ever. With over 3 million active installations since the day of its launch, Elementor has an advanced front-end drag & drop feature that will make it so easy for you to change your website`s colors, images, text etc.

Built With Elementor
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Extra WEBSITE Pages

Want an aditional page? No problem. A small fee of $69 will apply for each additional custom page that you would like us to create for you.

Branded Company Email Address

For only $39/year get a professionally branded company email address (e.g which can be synchronized across all your devices.

Website Customization

We can customize your website for you so that it looks and feels exactly like your brand style. Customization is replacing the current text, images, and colors with your own content that you would have given us. Should you want us to customize the website for you an additional once-off fee of only $199 is required

Online Store & Payment Gateway Setup

If a store is not already included in the original website design that you choose, we will be happy to add a store to it. An additional fee of $99 is required. We will set up your store and the payment gateway of your choice as well as add up to 10 of your products to the website.

General Questions

A Ready-Made Website is literally a website that is already set up and ready for customization/use by the end user. Think of it as a ‘template’ or an all in one solution for anyone who needs a website for their business. With us you not only get a Ready-Made Website but a holistic package that includes one year FREE hosting, a FREE domain, security and quality support.

Upon purchase of the Ready-Made Website we will provide you with a Quick Start booklet and important links to our knowledgebase where you can go through more tutorials that will guide through customizing your website. 

Please note, as each person`s learning speeds are different, we can not guarantee that you will completely understand all the tutorials. You will need to have at least a basic understanding of how to use a computer in order to get to grips with the customization process.

YES! We will gladly install, set up and customize your website for you. 

Customization is only an additional $99. This option is available as you checkout your Ready-Made Website.

 After submitting your payment, we expect you to provide us with all the text and high-resolution images that you would want us to put on the website. If you have no images, don`t worry. You just need to tell us the type of images you would like and we will use high resolution royalty-free images for your site.

Yes, you will have full access to the backend and front end of your website.

  After we are done with the installation of your landing page, we will email you all the necessary login credentials i.e control panel and WordPress admin details. At this point, you will be free to start updating the website content as you please.

After you purchase your Ready-Made for $99, you have two options:

1. D.I.Y (Do It Yourself)


2. Get professional help


If you decide to D.I.Y (do it yourself), we provide you with documentation that will help you out with customizing the Ready-Made Website. Customization is changing the images, colors and text on your website. 

However, before that – we will first have to install the website for you so that you can be able to customize it. Installation is setting up your domain, hosting account, SSL Certificate and all other related technical details. 

Should you opt to get professional help, for an additional $99 we will customize the website for you, i.e change the colours, text and images for you so they match your brand style.

All our Ready-Made Websites and landing pages are built on WordPress. We researched the marketplace and found that WordPress offers amazing versatility in addition to great scalability.

We will install your Ready-Made Website in just 72 hours. This installation includes Domain Registration, Web Hosting Setup and SSL Certificate. When everything has been fully setup we will notify you via email.

Payment Questions

The $99 includes everything to get you started with 
your new Ready-Made Website:


FREE SSL Certificate

FREE Domain for 1 year

FREE Hosting for 1 year

Professional Support

  • Website Security Setup 

  • Guide Documentation

  • Installation 

  • Free Elementor Pro Page Builder (valued at $49)

Please note: the Elementor Pro license we will give you is only valid for your domain and is not transferrable to another website.

Sorry, the answer would be NO!

 After you pay $99, we will only install your Ready-Made Website on your domain. This installation includes Domain Registration, Web Hosting Setup and SSL Certificate installation.

Customization of colors, images and text requires an additional fee of $99. This option is available at checkout.

How it Works

After paying the $99 we will provide you with documentation that will enable you to customize the Ready-Made Website on your own. Should you face any challenges you can contact our support team anytime.

The $99 DOES NOT INCLUDE the following:

E-Commerce Integration – If a store is not already included in the original Ready-Made Website design, an additional fee of $69 is required to add e-commerce capabilities.

Customization – You will change your Ready-Made Website`s text, colors and images on your own and we will give you documentation to guide you as you customize your Ready-Made Website on your own. Should you want us to customize the Ready-Made Website for you (changing text/images etc) an additional once-off fee of only $99 is required).

Email Address – To create and host your professional email address e.g an additional fee of only $39/year is required)

We accept payments via PayPal and via all major cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover etc). Please note that the available payment methods may change depending on your region. We also accept payments via direct bank transfer.

After submitting your order, you will be prompted to fill in your billing information and will be able to choose your credit card. It’s that simple!

We regret to inform you that all sales are final and we do not issue refunds for digital products once the order is confirmed.

We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues with using any of our products or services. Should you decide to cancel your service with us, please be reminded once again that there are no returns or refunds applicable.

Domains, Emails & Hosting

You will get a 3Gb shared hosting plan plus a choice of a TLD domain like .com, org, .net, .co, .uk, .us, etc. 

It is important for you to know that domains are highly competitive and your preferred domain may not always be available. For this reason, we recommend that you write at least 2 options that we can work with should the first domain be unavailable at this time. You can write your domain options during checkout.

We will POINT your domain to your new website that you purchased from us. For this, we will need administrative access into the hosting account where the domain is hosted, e.g your GoDaddy account. Once we log in, we will setup your DNS records to point to your hosting account with us.

Sharing domain login details with us is safe and you can always change your password after we are done with the settings.

 Your domain remains in your name and you will have to settle all your domain recurring subscriptions with your current domain host.

Sure. For only $39 per year we can provide you with a professional email account such as​. It takes us only 24 hours to set up this account for you.

You can add the email address option to your cart on checkout and you can add as many email addresses as you need.

Sorry, we will not set up the Ready-Made Website on your own server/3rd party hosted server.

 However, after we are done with installation and setup you are free to migrate the Ready-Made Website to your preferred host at your discretion.

Domain: For your domain to remain active, you are required to pay $19 per year for it`s renewal. This has to be done annually and the price is subject to change. However, the price is usually not more than $20. It is important for you to ensure that your domain is renewed annually before you are at risk of losing this valuable asset to someone else. This is an International requirement as regulated by ICANN – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. 

Hosting: After the expiry of your one year free hosting with us, feel free to look for an alternative hosting provider or renew your hosting with us for only $99/year. The choice is yours.

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USD $499

This special promotion will end in


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