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Free Domain

A Free Domain

We wil give you a FREE domain of your choice. Choose from a dot com, dot org or anything else.
Free Domain


We will change the colors and text as you wish and even set the website up on your own domain.
Free Domain

One Year FREE Hosting

We will host your website on our premium server for free for a full year! How cool is that?

And get your website launched within just 72 hours!

CBD Oil Website – $250

best for natural product sellers, general retailers

  • Free Google Analytics Integration
  • Customised product & checkout pages
  • Extra pages - Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy
  • Fully optimized for mobile, tablet, laptop & desktop

Coaching Website – $250

best for coaches, consultants & virtual assistants.

  • 4 High quality pages
  • Fully customizable to your brand style
  • Search Engine Optimized to rank higher
  • Fully optimized for mobile, tablet, laptop & desktop

Shopping E-Commerce – $250

best for retailers, wholesalers and clothing suppliers.

  • 4 High quality pages
  • Fully customizable to your brand style
  • Search Engine Optimized to rank higher
  • Fully optimized for mobile, tablet, laptop & desktop

Beauty Stylist – $250

best for beauty stylists, makeup artists, cosmetologists

  • 4 High quality pages
  • Fully customizable to your brand style
  • Search Engine Optimized to rank higher
  • Fully optimized for mobile, tablet, laptop & desktop

Frequently asked questions

The $250 includes everything to get you started with your new ready made website:

✅ Search Engine Optimized Website
✅ Free Domain (1 Year)
✅ Free Hosting (1 Year)
✅ E-Commerce Setup (Up To 10 Products)
✅ FREE Customization – Turnaround Time (72 hours)
✅ 1 FREE Set of Revisions
✅ Basic WordPress Website Training
✅ Premium Support Via Live Chat & Tickets

After submitting your payment, we expect you to provide us with:

✅ All the text that you want to be on the website. Please send your text on a document that we can copy and paste from and not as a screenshot/image.

✅ Provide high-resolution photos that you would like us to use to replace the current ones on the website. If you have no high quality photos we can source premium stock photos for you. Low resolution images are very stressful to work with and will definitely degrade the quality of your website. Here is a small picture to illustrate what a low-resolution image looks like:

✅ Provide your logo if you have one (otherwise we’ll just use a simple placeholder for the site)

✅ If you need e-commerce setup on the website please provide us your payment integration information – specifically how you would like to receive payments when people pay for your products/services.

We also kindly ask that you be available to answer any questions that our designers may have for you.

We build all of our sites on WordPress. We researched the marketplace and found that WordPress offers amazing versatility in addition to great scalability.

Sure. For an additional $36 per year we can provide you with a professional email account such as

Sure, we will give you full access to the backend and front end of the website.

From the time you submit your content (images, text, logo etc) it will take us only 72 hours or less to setup everything on your website. This setup includes Domain Registration, Web Hosting setup, Website Installation, SSL Certificate, and Basic SEO.

Please note: we do not do designing during weekends.

We charge $50 only per each additional page that you would like us to create for you. For additional functionality beyond what is available on the website, feel free to get in touch with us for a separate estimate.

For your domain to remain active, you are required to pay a small fee for it`s renewal. This has to be done annually. It is important for you to ensure that your domain is renewed annually before you are at risk of losing this valuable asset. This is an International requirement as regulated by ICANN – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. You can read more about ICANN by clicking here.

After the expiry of our one year free hosting offer to you, feel free to look for an alternative hosting provider of your choice or renew your hosting with us should you have found our service to be of benefit to you over the past year. You can read more about our hosting costs by clicking on this link below:

Shared Hosting

We will provide you with short video tutorials made specifically for you to help you learn how you can edit/upload content and new photos on your own. We will also share useful links to other people`s tutorials/blog posts/YouTube videos that may best address your specific training needs at that time.

Sure, why not? After the website is live you are entitled to one set of free changes that you can submit via our ticketing system/via email. After we have completed your free set of changes, we still be open to receiving more changes from you but at a separate estimate. We see your website as an ever-evolving marketing piece, so we’re happy to answer questions through email, live chat or tickets for any questions that may crop up.


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Submit your payment & we will start collaborating with you to customize your chosen style to your specific brand.

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In just 72 hours or less, we will fully customize your website to your brand`s feel and style and  make it go live. Yeepie!