How To Change Your Email Account Password

Changing the email address to your webmail based email account is easy. Here are 7 simple steps:


1. Login to your account with us

2. Click where it says 'Services' as shown below in order to access the respective productive/service that you purchased from us:



3. Click on the respective product/service that you have with us.

If you have 2 or more service don`t feel confused, simply click on any of them:



4. Scroll down and click on 'Email Accounts' as shown below:



5. Your cPanel (Control Panel) will open allowing you to manage your current email account(s).

Please click 'Manage' on the email account that you want to change the password for



6. Write your new password in the password change field shown below.

Remember, its always a good idea to use a combination of numbers and letters for your new password.



7. Once you have written your new password don`t forget to scroll down and click on 'Update Email Settings' in order to save your changes


That`s it, you`re done!

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