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  • WooCommerce allows you the option to manually add orders on behalf of customers.
  • This is especially handy for wholesale customers who often want to place orders over the phone or via email.
  • Rather than turn them away you can now use this method to take their order within your website without having to resort to a manual process outside of your ordering system.
  • For wholesale ordering, this is a huge time saver.


Before We Dive Deeper

We always encourage you, wherever possible, to get the customer to place orders by themselves via your website front end other than for you to manually create orders for them. The advantages of getting them to do it themselves are several;

a) accurate information. e.g spellings etc is collected from them

b) they can make the payment almost immediately

c) they get familiar with doing it themselves and will learn something new in the process

d) it avoids using up your time


But what if you REALLY need to manually create an order for the customer - here are the 5 easy steps;


The Steps Involved


1) In your dashboard, go to “WooCommerce > Orders > Add Order” from your admin dashboard.


screenshot showing how to create a new order from the orders menu in WooCommerce


2) Add a Billing and/or Shipping address for the order.


screenshot showing how to add a billing and/or shipping address for an order in WooCommerce


  • It’s up to you if you want to keep the order status in a pending state initially.
  • You can always change it to a Processing or Completed state later.

3) Click Add item(s) to add a new item from your store to this order.


screenshot showing how to add items to an order manually in WooCommerce


4) Click Add Product(s) and then search for the product in the popup box to add it to the order.


screenshot showing how to manually add a product to a WooCommerce order


  • You can add a fee or shipping cost for this item as well.
  • Once you are done click Cancel to return to the original cart menu.
  • Now click Calculate Total so WooCommerce can calculate the total amount for this item.

screenshot showing how to calculate the total amount for a product while creating a new order in WooCommerce


  • You can choose to calculate the tax as well.
  • Clicking on the Calculate Taxes button will calculate the tax based on your store address and the country selected in the Billing section.


5) Click Save order to create this new order.

screenshot showing how to save a new order in WooCommerce


  • Saving this order should automatically send a confirmation email to the customer if the order status is not pending.
  • Otherwise, WooCommerce will send the email as soon as you change it in the orders menu.
  • If the email gets missing or you would like to resend a particular email for some reason, you can easily do so by selecting an order action and clicking Save Order.

screenshot showing how to resend email for a new order in WooCommerce


That is all, thank you for reading!

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