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what is a custom website?

It is a high-end website that is built from the ground up without any use of a pre-designed layout. By virtue of its higher quality and sophistication, a Custom Website is more advanced in functionality than a Ready-Made Website. A Custom Website is built from scratch on a blank canvas with lots of love. It is an asset that will convert visitors into customers and will take the headache out of your brand`s sales process.

Features of a
custom website

We will always go the extra mile for you. Here`s what you will get when you order a Custom Website:

How Much Is it?

Each high-end Custom Website costs only $ 5,000. For the amount of value we offer we know we could charge a whole lot more. However, we want this affordable price point to enable business owners to get a professional online presence without the need for them to break the bank.

How Long Does It Take?

From the date you pick on our calendar when submitting your content , it takes us only 14 business days to create your Custom Website. Yeah, we know – we are that insanely fast!

How Long
does it take?

Recent clients

Custom Designs

Curious to see what a Custom Website looks like? Take a look at some few examples we did for our ah-mazing clients.

HowDo I
Get Started?

It`s as easy as ABC! Email us at We will contact you back via email within 24 hours and will take it up from there.

Got questions?

We always go the extra mile and here`s what you will get:

And so much more…

All our websites are designed and built on WordPress. We researched the marketplace and found that WordPress offers amazing versatility in addition to great scalability.

Our design team is small but very talented and we pride ourselves in doing 100% of the design work without the need to outsource or engage third parties. For this reason, please note that all support by our team during onboarding, design and management phase is strictly limited to the workspace, emails and support tickets.

We do not at this time have the human resources to accommodate requests for phone calls, zoom calls and meetings of any kind as this would require hiring more people and charging out clients more. The quality of our designs is proof that calls are not necessary for efficient design work. Any discussion, input, question or feedback should be in writing and accompanied by screenshots etc. This helps to avoid a ‘he said, she said’ scenario as well as give our whole team a reference point when we work on your design. We trust that you will help us maintain the integrity and quality of our designs and service by adhering to the proper communication channels at all times.

No, you will not need to purchase anything extra. The price covers everything you may need for us to build your Custom Website.

We highly recommend that you pay for the Custom Website 100% upfront. However, you can pay for the design work in 4 equal instalments. These instalments should be completed prior to commencement of the design i.e during the content gathering phase.

 We prefer to get the invoicing and payment aspects of the process out of the way first so we can be able to concentrate on the design and development fully.

No, you are the master of your brand/business and it only makes sense if the content comes from you. After you have submitted your payment, we will guide you through how you can submit your content.

Sure, the website is 100% yours and soon after its completion we will give you full administrative access to both the front-end and the back-end.

Upon purchase of our custom website, you are eligible for FREE support. By support we mean whenever you get stuck with your website we will help you figure out how you can address this issue on your own. 

If you would rather we take care of your website issues as they arise for you, you can opt to sign up for our Website Maintenance and Content Management service. Under this service we will offer you website maintenance and management for one whole year.

This option is available as you checkout your custom website.

Our Website Content Management and Technical Support is a maintenance service we offer 12 select clients annually, who want to keep their websites fresh, relevant, and updated regularly.

For only $1,000 (billed annually), if you are a website management client can submit an unlimited amount of work monthly to be implemented on your website.

Here is what our website content management and technical support service includes:

  1. Changing Your Logo
  2. Text Alterations
  3. Updating Images
  4. Embedding Videos
  5. Adding Awards
  6. Adding Testimonials
  7. Plugin/Code Updates
  8. Updating FAQs
  9. Updating your T&Cs
  10. Fix Broken Links
  11. Adding a blog post that you send us
  12. Providing Tutorials if you prefer to DIY
  13. Website Security and Backup
  14. Website Speed Optimization
  15. Database Cleaning.
  16. Adding as many e-commerce products as you need.

So whenever you need changes done on your website we will do them for you during your monthly slot and this is valid for 12 whole months.

N.B Please remember that our management service is only for updating the current and existing information, features, and pages on your website. Altering the structure of your website, adding any new pages, adding new functionality, or changing website colors and fonts will be invoiced separately.

The Website Maintenance and Content Management costs $1,000. This is billed annually. If you break it down, you will see that it will only cost you $2.73 a day for peace of mind and all the website help you can ever need.

If you need more than one maintenance slot per given month you can book an additional slot  for only $300.

This will be subject to availability.

It is not compulsory to pay for the Website Maintenance and Content Management Service – this is a service you should invest in only if you appreciate its value to you and your business.

If you do not want to pay for Website Maintenance and Content Management that is fine. We will provide you with a Quick Start booklet and important links to our knowledgebase where you can go through tutorials that will help you in customizing and maintaining your website.

And more importantly, the internet is also full of great resources that you can use to help you get the most out of your website at zero cost – you just need to be open to learning and improving your skill set.

One last thing, we always encourage our potential clients to read the fine print so we are all on the same page.

We don’t use techy jargon to confuse you, all the information we provide is clearly written so that we can work together in one accord.

Take a minute or two to go through our terms of service HERE 

It`s as easy as ABC! Simply email us at to tell us about your desired website. We will respond to you within 72 hours with instructions on how to proceed.

Be sure to whitelist our email address so that our email does not land in your spam box.  If you are using Gmail here is how you can whitelist our email address:

  1. Log in to your Gmail at
  2. Click the gear icon in the top-right, and select Settings.
  3. Click the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab.
  4. Click Create at New Filter.
  5. In the pop-up window, enter in the From field.
  6. Click Create filter.

not quite ready
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Ready-Made Websites

You can invest in any one of our low-cost, scalable and customizable Ready-Made Websites. They are easy to use, creatively designed, and created to help you book more clients FAST.