How It Works

Summary of Workflow

In 4 very simple steps you will have a beautiful Ready-Made Website or Landing Page sitting pretty on your domain of choice. Our turnaround time is insanely fast and efficient.

1. Choose A Design

Click on a Ready-Made Website/Landing Page of your choice. Read its description and preview it. If you are satisfied, click the 'Buy Now' button located next to it.

Step 1

2. Choose A Domain

During checkout, please type a domain name of your choice, e.g The domain is for free. You will also have the option to choose any add-ons you may want.

Step 2

3.Receive Your Website

Within 72 hours you will receive a happy email from us with a link to your newly setup website plus your brand new Quick Start Guide booklet.

Step 3

4. Submit Your Content

If you paid for customization during checkout we will send you instructions on how you can submit your content (text and images). After receiving your content customizing your Ready-Made Website/Landing Page will take us an additional 96 hours.

Step 4

Make $499 Now

We will pay you up to $499 for every custom website design client you refer to us.