Brother Mel`s BBQ

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Brother Mel`ss BBQ


Brother Mel’s Southern Style BBQ Sauce was developed and perfected from an original recipe by Melvin and Helen Johnson, natives of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. This young, fresh, and vibrant brand sells all-natural, handcrafted, great-tasting, BBQ Sauce.


The client wanted to create a bold online presence that emphasizes how their sauce is the ‘gold standard’ in the world of sauces. Our task was to create something that communicates this brand message to all age groups – inviting everyone to come and see how their smoked, grilled, baked, fried meats and other wonderful dishes can be enhanced by Brother Mel`s delicious sauce.


  • Integrate the site with Mailchimp
  • Create a recipe blog
  • Display stores where the sauce can be found
  • Create a seamless checkout experience
  • Create a currency switcher
  • Create dynamic discount popups

Brand Emotions

Brotherly, inviting, family, delicious


Our task was to create a website that truly exudes how Brother Mel is such a great tasting, wholesome BBQ sauce that people will feel good about feeding to their families. Most Shopify websites look archaic and we wanted this brand to stand out from the rest, and help people create delicious meals and wonderful memories of families enjoying their sauce. We wanted the navigation to be as straightforward as possible and allow visitors to order the sauce with the fewest number of clicks possible.
Brother Mels


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