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SwimZin Mobile Swimming Lessons is a mobile venture that provides swimming lessons at the client’s home/location of choice and also provides clients with the option to come to the instructor. With over 20 years of experience, SwimZin Mobile’s instructors pride themselves on the ability to see progress within the first lesson.

SwimZin Mobile Instructors come equipped with pool equipment and other tools to make every lesson enjoyable. Pool tools and equipment is well-kept, sanitized, and available for rental between lessons (if available) so that swimmers can practice what they learn.


The client already had an existing website that she wanted to be upgraded with a fresh modern design. She wanted her site to exude that watery, fluid look and feel. In addition to this, she requested: “I just want to have clients pay upon registration, which takes out the extra step for me to send the invoice. Design-wise, I would also like:
  • A fixed leaderboard at the top of each page
  • Reviews from thumbtack embedded
  • Scheduling button redirecting to Calendly
  • Registration form integrated with payment options
  • Live chat bottom right corner


  • Integrate the site with Mailchimp
  • Integrate the site with Calendly
  • Create an intuitive registration form with payment options
  • Create popups encouraging users to join the newsletter
  • Integrate the site with e-commerce capabilities
  • Integrate the site with dynamic swimming rates

Brand Emotions

Fun, Easy, Clean, Watery, Friendly, Modern


First, we looked into how we could convince and immerse the website visitors into a playful interaction with swimming. Our primary goal was to convey directly on the website, the same feeling of awe and amazement we have inside an actual underwater experience. By making the site`s main sections clean and blue, and the imagery fluid, our approach was to make this website clean, modern, and also a little bit nostalgic. We chose to make the Call To Action buttons and other accent widgets on the site orange in color. Orange is one of the most conspicuous colors used in the marine environments for floating targets – life rafts, life vests, other floatation devices etc.
Swimzin Brand Board


9 Business Days

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