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Ms. Bee is a seasoned traveler from the United Kingdom with over 30 countries under her belt. Her website is all about creating a travel sisterhood where women of all ages can connect, have fun, empower, and encourage each other through travel. Ms. Bee does business and pleasure trips all year round and also helps with planning independent trips.


The client asked for a fully-fledged travel site with travel package filtering options through advanced search and sorting. She also wanted the site integrated with e-commerce capabilities so that she can be able to sell her travel merchandise.


  • Integrate the site with Mailchimp
  • Visitors must be able to submit their travel stories
  • Integrate the site with blogging capabilities
  • Visitors must be able to search for accommodation
  • Integrate the site with e-commerce capabilities
  • Members must be able to log in/>

Brand Emotions

Exclusive, Fun, Adventurous


The client asked us to use orange and charcoal grey throughout – good color choices as orange is usually seen as the color excitement, enthusiasm, rejuvenation, and exploration. These colors can also mean prestige, luxury, and material wealth, suggesting that a product or service is exclusive. We had to be very careful though because orange doesn’t always translate well onto websites – it becomes a dirty yellow which generally does not give a positive message. We had to find the right balance with the colors so that the website remains clean and relevant to its type of clientele.
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