The Kindness Network

Spreading love, kindness and compassion
The Kindness Network


The Kindness Network is a great platform dedicated to spreading love, kindness, and compassion throughout humanity. This warm and kind network aspires to build a community where everyone can find a home and receive relief, guidance, and support from all the negativity in the world.


The client wanted a website that is more user-friendly and has simpler navigation and filtering. The goal here was to find a simpler way to show PROOF of random acts of kindness from all over the world. After all, kindness is ALIVE!


  • Integrate the site with Mailchimp
  • Integrate the site with 2 Print on Demand services
  • Create a free downloadable product (Children`s coloring book)
  • Create popups encouraging users to join the newsletter
  • Integrate the site with e-commerce capabilities
  • Integrate the site with blogging capabilities

Brand Emotions

Inspired, Loved, Hope, Safe, Belonging, Understood and Fulfilled


The main challenge was to create an emotional “kindness” memorial online. To achieve this look and feel, we used colors in the purple and violet areas of the color spectrum. These warm colors evoke emotions ranging from feelings of friendliness, warmth, and kindness to feelings of anger and hostility. Only two fonts were used consistently throughout the site to maintain brand consistency.
Brand Style Guide


7 Business Days

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