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  • As the owner or an administrator of a Stripe account, you can invite us (Creative Yadley) as a new team member.
  • This is a required step if you would want us to integrate your Website/Landing Page with the Stripe payment gateway.
  • Once we have performed this integration for you, you will be able to accept payments via credit cards.
  • You will also be able to create buy buttons for your products or services on the fly and embed them anywhere on your site using user-friendly shortcodes.
  • Your account information is safe with us. With the team member role that you assign us, we will be able to access API keys and most settings but we will not be able to edit any of your sensitive information, e.g. bank account settings, or modify any of the rules you set.
  • Here is a summarized overview of the team roles available in Stripe:


Summary of Developer Access Role by Stripe

Stripe describes developer access as follows:
  • This role is for developers who need to set up a Stripe integration.
  • This role has access to the secret key, which grants access to almost all API resources. 
  • They (the developer) can't add or edit bank accounts, invite team members, or change the account owner.
Role Privileges
Some of what this role can do:
  • Create, view, edit, and delete API keys
  • View events and logs
  • View and resolve disputes
  • Create, view, and refund payments
  • Issue credit notes on invoices
  • Create, view, edit, delete products
  • Create, view, edit, and delete customers
  • Create, view, edit, and reject connected accounts
  • Edit connected account capabilities
  • Edit connected account payout schedules
  • View balance
  • View transfers
  • Payout balance to external bank account
  • Edit account details (address and contact)
  • View and edit almost all product settings (for example, payment methods, radar settings, or connect settings) except climate
  • Connect account to connect platforms
  • Create, view, and download financial reports
  • Bulk exports of payments, customers, products, and connected accounts
  • View payouts
Some of what this role can't do:
  • Transfer balance to connected account or reverse transfers
  • Edit payout schedule
  • Add and edit bank account details
  • Invite, edit, and remove team members
  • Change the account owner
  • Edit climate settings



More information about roles can be found here: 


How to Add Us To Your Stripe Account

Here is how you can grant us developer access to your Stripe account:


  1. Log into the Stripe dashboard and navigate to Business Settings.

  2. Click Team.

  3. Select + New User from the top right.

  4. Click Developer

  5. Add this email address to invite us to the Stripe account.

  6. Click Invite to send the invitation email.


We will receive your email invitation and will acknowledge it accordingly. Simple, right?



If you intend to send us an invitation using an email address that differs from the one we have on file for you, kindly inform us beforehand. In consideration of the sensitive nature of financial transactions and the security risks associated with online activities, particularly concerning wire fraud, please be advised that we are unable to accept invitations sent from unfamiliar or unknown email addresses.

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